Apeldoorn Art

The CODA Museum started with Apeldoorn Art in 2013; a retrospective including recent work by artists from Apeldoorn. Birgit Stigter was one of the exhibitors. She exhibited two large black and white photos from a series of four at Apeldoorn Art. The photos were titled China above Berlin (China boven Berlin) and Germany above Berlin (Duitsland boven Berlin). Stigter photographed the city of Berlin from the roof of the Reichstag, creating a series to include four countries that hold a lot of political sway over Europe. China and Germany float like large structural Zeppelins above the city.

Project Apeldoorn Art
Exhibition: CODA Museum (group exhibition)
Year: 2013
Description: Edited photography
Camera: Hasselblad- analogue
Material: Photograph paper, aluminium, varnish
Formats: 1.20m x 1.10m
Technique: Drypoint