Berlin Boxen

Berlin Boxes are a collection of homes belonging to well-known artists and scientists.

Westend, Wilmersdorf and Charlottenburg are suburbs that have a certain allure. Many famous artists and scientists feel drawn to these areas because of their particular significance, although the houses inhabited by these “suburbanites” are the main feature.

Selected photographs are fixed onto small boxes, each of which has their own famed occupant.

Project Berlin Boxes
Exhibition: ACEC (group exhibition)
Year: 2012
Exhibition:  Kommunale Gallery Berlin
Year: 2013
Description: Edited photography
Camera: Hasselblad- analogue. Nikon- digital
Material: Photograph paper, acid-free cardboard
Formats:  15x15x15cm – 30x15x15cm
Technique: Digital sampling
In collaboration with Mark Geerligs –digital sampling