Berlin Box exhibition

Birgit Stigter studied the aestheticism of Berlin through its lines, the organic and the revelatory with internal connections as a common thread. The vast diversity of form and function has been present for centuries in this dynamic city, the European centre of art and politics. Division, reunion, separated and unified once more, connections, deterioration and prosperity: they all leave traces and forms the blueprint of the city and its people. The aestheticism of this blueprint is also reflected in the art.

Project Berlin Box exhibition
Exhibition: ACEC (group exhibition)
Year: 2012
Exhibition: Kommunale Gallery Berlin
Year: 2013
Description: Edited photography and sculptures
Camera: Hasselblad- analogue. Nikon- digital
Material: Photograph paper, aluminium, MDF, acrylate
Formats:  1.20m x1.10m – 2.40m x 2.20m
Technique: Drypoint and digital sampling
In collaboration with Mark Geerligs –digital sampling
In collaboration with Wouter Bloemendal –sculpture ‘Zeppelin’