One of the main themes in the work of Birgit Stigter, living and working in Berlin, is establishing connections in both a literal as well as a figurative sense. Architecture and the way in which people seek their place within that architecture is important in het work. Stigter prefers working in series and processes the large steel bridges of for instance Berlin and Hamburg into monumental works.

Project: Überbrücken (Cross Over)
Exhibiton: in Mitte (solo exhibition)
Year: 2015
Description: edited photography and small sculptures.
Camera: Hasselblad analogue and Nikon digital.
Materials: Photograph paper, dibond and acrylate.
Formats: Panorma 1.20 x 50cm (colour) 50x50cm (colour)
Black and white: 1.20 x 1.10m
Technique: digital and drypoint