Suburbia exhibition

A small group of photographers and artists, among whom Birgit Stigter, travelled to London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Minden and Paris. They took part in the photo exhibition GRID, which was organised in Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Apeldoorn. These places were studied and captured through photography. Within the context of Suburbia, the photographers and artists went in search of the ‘suburb’. What does living outside the city mean? Why do people migrate from the city to the suburb? In keeping with the theme, they provided additional material for the exhibition in the Kommunale Gallery in Berlin. The exhibition can still be seen in various European towns and cities.

Project Suburbia
Exhibition: ACEC (group exhibition)
Year: 2012
Exhibition: Kommunale Gallery Berlin
Year: 2013
Description: Edited photography
Material: Photograph paper, aluminium, wax
Formats: 25x25cm -50x50cm-1x1m
Technique: Drypoint
Camera: Hasselblad- analogue