Suburbia is a quest for the character and identity of different so called ‘suburbs.’ During this quest, Birgit Stigter discovers that sometimes a picture reveals more than what the naked eye can see. Friendships, nice people and ambiance make the first similarities between the different suburbs visible. Friends and friendships are timeless, and although time and the spirit of the age evolve and change, the nature and the essence of friendship remains unaltered, whether you are in Berlin, Copenhagen or London. These photographed friendships take us by the hand and show us a world where friends live.

Project Suburbia
Exhibition: ACEC (group exhibition)
Year: 2012
Exhibition: Kommunale Gallery Berlin
Year: 2013
Description: Edited photography
Material:  Photograph paper, aluminium, wax
Formats:  25x25cm -50x50cm-1x1m
Technique: Drypoint
Camera: Hasselblad- analogue