Vriendenprent CODA 2012
Vriendenprent CODA 2012

Friends print CODA

Birgit Stigter created the Friends Print for CODA’s Museum Friends. She was inspired by the following story from Beijing. Every morning, a group of older men used to gather together in a particular spot in Beijing. Each man carried an iron cage, and each cage contained a bird. Every morning, the cages were hung, one by one, on the branch of a tree. The birds used to chirp loudly, and the older men did a great deal of talking and smoking. This gathering was an old tradition by which birds that lived alone in the city could come together every morning. The old men, however, were forced to move house and could no longer meet. Now the spot remains empty.

Project Friends print CODA Museum
Assignment: Art print –Friends of CODA
Year: 2012
Description: Edited photography
Material: Photograph paper
Format: 24x24cm